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Our team of Audi consultants are here to provide you with a bespoke personalised information on the model of your choice. Choose to chat or if you prefer, you can connect via video to have your very own guided tour.

If it's not convenient to speak to a consultant now, you can book an appointment to suit you.

Start your consultation by clicking on the button below to connect.

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You can then start your consultation and switch to video if you choose.

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Speak now to an Audi expert to find out more about the Audi you’ve got your eye on.

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Here are a selection of some of the most popular Audi models available for a video consultation.

A3 Sportback

S line 35 TDI 150 PS S tronic

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Q4 Sportback e-tron

S line 40 e-tron 15000 kW

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Q8 Sportback e-tron

55 e-tron quattro 300kW

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Frequently asked questions

Will the Audi Consultant be able to see me if I choose a video consultation?

You'll be able to see the Audi Expert, but they can't see you. You just need to make sure your audio and microphone is turned on.

Do I need to share my details?

To connect you to an Audi Consultant, we just need a few basic details. Don't worry as we won't share them with anyone.

Will I be able to view or tour more than one model?

During your tour, our Consultant will be happy to show you as many models as you wish.

What can I do if I have a poor connection?

Poor connections can happen, but if you’re experiencing major issues, try moving closer to your router to strengthen your signal. You can also try closing additional programs or browser tabs that may be slowing down your device to help speed things up.

Ready for the next step?

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