Ultra fast-charging

In a hurry? At high-powered 800V DC stations, the e-tron GT quattro for example, can reach 144 mile range in just 10 minutes whilst a 5 to 80% charge can occur in under 23 minutes¹ .

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Regenerative braking

An electric Audi can recuperate the kinetic energy generated by braking and coasting, and convert it to an electric charge that’s channelled back to the battery, helping to maximise your range.

EV sound

The Audi e-tron GT quattro and RS e-tron GT have specially synthesised sound technology available optionally. This gives them a unique audible presence; heard both inside and outside the vehicle, it syncs with the power output as you accelerate and decelerate for a true Audi performance model experience.

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Innovative aerodynamics design that is beautiful yet functional. To optimise our EV range and performance, great thought is put into increasing aerodynamics.