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Connecting you, your car and your smartphone

Do more with your Audi

Our apps harness technology to help you get the most out of your Audi. Check your electric range mileage and fuel levels, upcoming service appointments and find the right electric car for you and more – all via your smartphone.

myAudi app

The myAudi app wraps all Audi tech into one seamless experience between you, your Audi, your Smartphone and the internet. From remote control locking, to checking your fuel level, electric range, or charging time and sending routes to your car, learn how to unlock your Audi world¹.

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Connect plug & play app

Even if you have an older Audi² without connected functionality, you can still link your Audi and your smartphone with the Audi DataPlug and plug and play app. The DataPlug and app connect instantly, giving you access to the latest information, like mileage, fuel levels and upcoming service appointments. You can even track your driving statistics across your trips and log your fuel costs to get a detailed view of your driving style, as well as other useful tools. Please note - The Audi DataPlug and the Connect plug and play App will continue to be operational until 31/12/2026, they will then be withdrawn from service.

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Universal Traffic Recorder App (UTR)

The UTR device, available to purchase from your local Audi Centre, acts as a dash camera enabling front facing video recordings for different situations on the road. The accompanying app allows recordings to stream directly to your smartphone. App capabilities include live viewing, data management and a car finder function.

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¹ Features vary by model, not all features highlighted are available for all models. The myAudi app information on this page relates to new cars only. For more information please speak to your local Audi Centre. For full terms and conditions please visit
² Data plug compatible vehicles (As stated in Model years): A1 <2019, A3 2008 – 2020, A4 2008-2015, A5 2008-2016, A6 2012-2018, A7 2011-2018, A8 2010-2017, Q2 Pre-PI <2020, Q3 <2019, Q5 <2017, Q7 2008-2015, TT >2008