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Going Electric

Going Electric

From public charging to tips to maximise range, here you’ll find the information you need to take the next step in your electric journey.

Powering fleets for the road

Here at Audi, we want to make switching to an electric car as simple as it is driving one. With our expertise and wide range of all-electric and hybrid vehicles, we help you make the transition to electric 
as seamless as possible.

Up to £350 per charging station: Businesses, charities and public authorities can claim a grant of up to £350 per charging socket towards the cost of installing up to 40 new electric vehicle chargers at their premises.

Popular hybrid & electric cars

From our plug-in hybrid models including the self-assured A3 Sportback TFSI e and the instantly recognisable Q5 TFSI e, to our thrilling fully electric e-tron models, our range brings together spirited sportiness and everyday practicality.

Q6 e-tron: The Audi Q6 SUV e-tron is now here. The newest member to our fully-electric SUV family takes innovation and user focused design to a whole new level.

Embrace electrification with Audi

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    Growing charging infrastructure

    The public charging infrastructure is growing rapidly. And with our reliable Audi Charging Service, you can enjoy access to one of the largest public charging networks in Europe through one card or the myAudi app. It’s a network designed to deliver fast and convenient charging, wherever you go.

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    Charging cars overnight at home, or when parked at work for several hours, is usually cheaper and more convenient. However you can use a public rapid charge point for a quicker charge or top-up during long journeys.

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    Electric range and how it behaves

    As with any car, driving efficiency can vary depending on driving style, temperature, and other factors. Performance-assisting features like regenerative braking which redirects unused energy back to the battery and pre-conditioning can improve efficiency and range.

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    Understand the total cost of ownership

    Having a fully electric fleet car can have a positive impact on your total cost of ownership compared to a traditional petrol or diesel car. Use our Total Cost of Ownership calculator below to find out what it could mean for you.

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Going electric

Latest offers for electric cars

At Audi, we aim to make the move to electric as easy as possible. We have a range of impressive offers for both new and used fully electric and plug-in hybrid cars. Let us help you make the switch to a fully electric car. Speak to your local Audi Centre for more details.

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Explore the many benefits of going electric

Find out more about what life could be like with an Audi e-tron or TFSI e model below.


Dedicated business support

We have a dedicated team to help you with your business queries.

Range dependent on trim and optional equipment. All vehicles are tested according to WLTP technical procedures. Figures shown are official test values for comparability purposes; only compare fuel consumption, CO2 and electric range figures with other vehicles tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including but not limited to factory fitted options, accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, road and traffic conditions, individual driving styles, vehicle load, vehicle condition, use of systems like climate control (and, for battery electric vehicles, the starting charge, age and conditions of the battery). Figures for battery electric vehicles were obtained after the battery had been fully charged. Battery electric vehicles require mains electricity for charging. Zero emissions while driving. Figures quoted are subject to change due to ongoing approvals/changes and figures may include options not available in the UK. Please consult your local Audi Centre for further information. Data correct in November 2022.
Based on an Audi Q8 Sportback 50 e-tron quattro. Timings based on a 10 to 80% charge using an ultra-rapid DC public charge station at the vehicle’s optimal charging capability. Actual charging times will vary depending on various factors, including the selected vehicle (and battery option, if available), the type of charger used, the level of charge in the battery, the age type, condition and temperature of the charger and the battery, the power supply, ambient temperature at the point of use and other environmental factors. Charging times will also be affected by the charging curve (for example, once charging passes 80%, charging will slow to protect the battery's longevity) and will be longer if battery temperature activates safeguarding technology. Direct Current (DC) timings based on a 5 to 80% charge using a ultra-rapid DC public charge station at the vehicle’s maximum charging capability.
New customers to Octopus Energy who: (1) are resident of England, Scotland or Wales (2) purchase a new or approved used Audi electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle; (3) set up an Octopus Energy account for gas and/or electricity will be eligible for a £45 credit for each fuel type (gas and electricity) on their Octopus Energy account. The credit shall be applied once the account has been activated and the first direct debit payment has been taken. To receive the £90 credit, customers must switch both gas and electricity to Octopus Energy. If a customer only switches one fuel (i.e. gas or electricity, but not both), then the customer will receive a £45 credit only. If the customer qualifies for more than one discount, Octopus Energy reserves the right to apply only one. Existing Octopus Energy customers (who joined Octopus Energy directly) are eligible for this credit offer, provided they did not join via Octopus Energy's "Refer a Friend" scheme or through a different partner and have not already received a joining reward. These customers should contact Octopus directly via existingevoffer@octoenergy.com Some Octopus Energy tariffs, such as Intelligent Octopus Go may require the installation of a smart meter (subject to survey).Customers can find all smart and standard tariffs on the Octopus Energy website https://octopus.energy/tariffs/. Customers must contact Octopus directly via existingevoffer@octoenergy.com to claim the promotional credit. For further information on the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff please visit https://octopus.energy/audi/. Standard terms and conditions of Octopus tariffs are available on Terms and Conditions | Octopus Energy. This offer is subject to change and may be withdrawn without notice.