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Entering a new era for RS e-tron GT

We're saying farewell to the RS e-tron GT as we know it, and welcoming in the new RS e-tron GT which is coming soon. If you can't wait to find your perfect car, you can still search for available stock models of the previous RS e-tron GT on our New or Used stock locators.

Delivering power: Each axle is driven by its own motor, bringing the stability of quattro all-wheel drive. The front motor produces 238 PS, while the rear delivers 435 PS; combined, they produce 598 PS. A 2.5 second boost via launch control ups this to 646 PS. Acceleration is a breath-taking 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds.

Power up to



Acceleration (0–62 mph)



Range up to



The above performance data relates to the Audi RS e-tron GT when launch control is active.

A new era is coming.

Can't wait to find your perfect RS e-tron GT? Whilst the latest model is coming soon, you can still search for available stock models of the previous generation on our New or Used stock locators.

Stunning design outside.

Aerodynamic and athletic, the RS e-tron GT is every inch the Audi Sport model for the new electric era.

Explore trim levels

The RS e-tron GT is available in different versions, known as trim levels. These allow you to choose a version that reflects your preferred styling, driving experience and equipment level. Please note that the RS e-tron GT is subject to stock availability, please contact your local Audi Centre for more information.

RS e-tron GT

Thrilling design inside.

Inside, the RS e-tron GT blends luxury, quality and sportiness. Gran turismo proportions, with a sporty ‘monoposto’ cockpit, tilt instrument panels towards the driver. With Sport Seats pro with RS badging, every drive is a thrill.

Enhance your Audi RS e-tron GT quattro with an optional pack

  • D-Card_3col-01.jpeg
    Leather-free pack


    Replacing leather with artificial leather, this optional pack includes innovative Cascade cloth that creates a waterfall pattern on the centre seat.

  • D-Card_1.jpeg
    Tour pack*


    - Adaptive cruise control with speed limiter

    - Active lane assist

    - Emergency assist

    - Swerve assist

    - Turn assist

Powerful technology

Using the very latest Audi innovations, the RS e-tron GT is packed with powerful technology. Assisting you on the drive and with intuitive navigation, it connects you to both the car and the outside world.

Better connected: The RS e-tron GT quattro is incredibly well connected. As well as intuitive MMI navigation plus with real-time traffic data, it features the e-tron route planner. This calculates your fastest route with the shortest charging, making sure you arrive in the best time possible.

Rapid charging

At high-powered, public stations, the RS e-tron GT quattro can transfer 270 kW of electricity, enabling a fast charge of the battery. Under ideal conditions, a 140 mile range can be achieved in 10 minutes - a 5 to 80% charge can happen in under 23 minutes*. With just one charge card/myAudi app*, you can access thousands of charging points across the UK and rest of Europe with the Audi Charging Service.

Maximum charging capacity of


kW DC charging

Battery from 5-80% in as little as



Battery capacity (net) up to



The above performance data relates to the Audi RS e-tron GT.

Please note that, where referenced, twin leather upholstery is a combination of leather and leatherette.