Audi Finance

Audi Financial Services can provide a range of attractive finance options.

Audi Financial Services can provide a range of attractive finance options.

Fleet funding solutions made easy

As well as finding the right funding for your fleet, our Local Business Development Managers can help you with vehicle selection, operating considerations and disposal of your current fleet vehicles.

Speak to someone

To speak to your Local Business Development Manager contact your local Audi Centre

Get a personalised quote

For a personalised quote visit our Contract Hire Quote Calculator.


Wish to purchase?

Whether you are a business or private customer,  you can purchase your vehicle at the end of your contract.


1. Personal Contract Plan


Our Audi Solutions Personal Contract Plan is ideal for customers who like the idea of changing their cars regularly or reducing the potential period of repayments. At the end of the agreement; you have the choice to exchange your car for a new Audi, pay the Option to Purchase fee and optional final payment and then take full ownership of the car; or if your circumstances change, you can simply return the car to Audi (subject to fair wear and tear).

We fix a guaranteed minimum future value of your Audi at the start of the agreement, meaning you bear no risk if the value reduces more than expected. All you need to do is keep the car in good repair and condition.

2. Lease Purchase


Lease Purchase allows you to own the vehicle, with the option to set a balloon payment at the end of the agreement, reducing your monthly payments significantly.

3. Hire Purchase


Hire Purchase is ideal if you want eventual ownership of the car. Simply put down a deposit, and the remaining balance is divided equally over the duration of the loan.


Do not wish to purchase?

If you are a business customer and do not wish to purchase your Audi at the end of your contract, then our Contract Hire Plan or Finance Lease hire agreements may be right for you.


1. Contract Hire Plan


Contract Hire is a rental agreement that allows you to drive an Audi without needing to own it.

All it requires is an initial rental and fixed monthly payments. Your monthly payments will differ depending on the repayment period, your mileage per year and servicing.

We'll also handle all vehicle maintenance, making budgeting even easier.


2. Finance Lease


Finance Lease is a rental agreement where you can share the potential rewards of the future value. Our Finance Lease options are suited to business customers who are VAT registered.

You can choose the Finance Lease Balloon Option, which offers lower monthly repayments. With the Balloon Rental Payment, you can defer a proportion of the value of the vehicle until the end of the agreement, generating lower monthly rental payments.

Or choose our Finance Lease Full Pay-out Option if you wish to pay a lower deposit. This agreement gives you the opportunity to share in the sales proceeds at the end of the agreement term. With the Full Pay-Out Rental Payment ,you can spread the amount financed equally over the schedule.


The programme offers the following benefits:


  -  Vehicle replacement scheme.

  - Flexible finance and support packages.

  -  Highly competitive contract hire rates.

  - Full servicing and maintenance package.


Chauffeur Concierge Hotline


We also have a dedicated Chauffeur Concierge telephone hotline, giving you access to specialists about who can book demonstrators, arranging servicing, maintenance or repair work, or who can provide details of replacement cycles and whole-life costs.

For costs and further information, call 01908 601811 or contact your local Audi Centre for a quote on tailored terms and mileages. Your local Centre can also give you details of the A6 Saloon, A7, A8L and the Q7 ranges and information on the Chauffeur Programme application process.



Popular choices and offers

The A6 Saloon, A7, A8L, and the Q7, each have their own tailored packages offering flexibility and choice depending on your requirements.




A6 Saloon

The Audi A6 is sophistication and style personified with the A6 Saloon offering advanced technology and a choice of refined and highly effective TDI engines. Leather upholstery comes as standard and all models are available with Audi's renowned S tronic transmission.






Adding sporting looks and character to the Audi Chauffeur Programme, the A7 3.0 TDI SE Executive offers luxurious accommodation with the versatility of five doors and stylish coupé-like looks that set it apart from the crowd.






A popular premiere choice for business, the A8L, comes in metallic and pearlescent paint finishes with quattro-all-wheel drive as standard. Blending the very latest technology with unparalleled luxury it features HDD-based satellite navigation with MMI Touch and heated seating on both the front and outer rear seats.






The Q7 blends premium luxury with the rugged go-anywhere appeal of the latest quattro drivetrain. Featuring innovative technologies and driving assistance it offers a commanding view of the road and seating for up to seven occupants.