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Fully Electric e-tron Collection

What is an e-tron?

e-tron is our range of fully electric Audi vehicles. Unlike petrol or diesel-powered engines, fully electric cars use electric battery powered motors so you can drive C0₂-free. The battery can then be re-charged in a number of convenient ways, at home or on the go.

It’s everything you want from your Audi. With all the advantages of electric. To help you get started on your electric journey, new fully electric customers can access a range of exclusive offers when purchasing an e-tron.


Q4 e-tron

The Q4 e-tron provides cutting-edge technology with the Audi Virtual cockpit, a MMI Navigation plus with a 10.1” touch screen, and optional head-up display with augmented reality. Adding a dash of coupé to the SUV, the Q4 Sportback e-tron’s sloping roofline creates a sporty silhouette with strong and precise lines, and boasts up to 535 litres of luggage space. Capable of fast charging in 38 minutes⁵ with a range of up to 320 miles⁴ for the Sportback and 314 miles⁴ for the SUV.


e-tron GT

The e-tron GT quattro and RS e-tron GT are the latest editions to the fully electric Audi Sport range. With launch control activated, the e-tron GT reaches 0-62 mph in 4.1 seconds, the RS e-tron GT tops this at 3.3 seconds. The e-tron GT quattro achieves a range of up to 298 miles⁴, and can recharge 5 - 80% within 23 minutes⁵ at a 270kW high power charging station. They are our most sophisticated fully electric cars yet.



Stylish. Advanced. Future-facing. Featuring the best of Audi technology, including LED headlights, intelligent MMI Navigation plus, touch displays and lane departure warning, innovation comes as standard with the e-tron. It can be charged in under an hour⁵ at a rapid 120kW (e-tron 50) or 150kW (e-tron 55) DC charging station or overnight at a home wall box. The e-tron SUV is capable of travelling up to 252 miles⁴ on a single charge, or up to 261 miles⁴ for the e-tron Sportback.

e-tron customer offers

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    Pod Point wall box offer

    All e-trons are eligible to receive a 7kW wall box and installation for only £599 RRP when ordering a new e-tron¹.

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    Switch to Octopus Energy for up to 4,500 miles of free electric driving

    Audi e-tron customers who dual fuel switch their home energy supply to Octopus Energy (or have an existing account) will be eligible for a £90 credit with the equivalent of up to 4,500 miles of free driving². Available on both new and used car purchases.

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    Complimentary 1 year subscription to e-tron Charging Service and £150 credit

    The e-tron Charging Service gives you easy access to thousands of charging points across Europe using one card/app, all under one single contract. Customers will receive a year’s free Transit tariff³ and £150 charging credit⁶ (equivalent to 1,000 miles of free electricity⁷) when ordering a new e-tron.

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Electric calculators

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    Range calculator

    Various factors can influence your e-tron’s range. Use our calculator to help estimate your range.

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    Charge time calculator

    Charging times vary depending on whether charging at home or on the go. Use our calculator to estimate the charge time for your journey.

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The entire fully electric e-tron

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    Q4 e-tron

    Fully electric all rounder. The impeccably designed Audi Q4 e-tron is the next big step in the evolution of electric Audi cars. Fully electric, expressive and ready for the everyday with a range of up to 314 miles⁴.

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    Q4 e-tron Sportback

    Sporty and fully electric with up to 320 miles of range⁴. The fully electric Q4 Sportback e-tron is characterised by technological innovation, sportiness and functionality.

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    e-tron GT quattro

    The e-tron GT is built alongside the legendary Audi R8 at the Böllinger Höfe facility in Germany where attention to detail meets precision and quality. Enjoy up to 298⁴ miles in this modern-day demonstration of progress, exclusivity and comfort.

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    RS e-tron GT

    Part of the Audi Sport family, the Audi RS e-tron GT has the wheelbase and presence of gran turismo and feels at home on the grid and the front drive, with up to 283 miles of range⁴.

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    Our first ever fully-electric SUV. Stylish. Advanced. Future-facing. With up to 408 PS of power and up to 252 miles of range⁴ on a single charge, e-tron has everything you’d expect of an Audi, powered entirely by electricity.

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    e-tron Sportback

    All style. Fully electric. The e-tron Sportback has sculpted, coupé-like looks and can travel up to 261 miles⁴ on a single charge of the battery, during which it creates no local emissions.

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    e-tron S

    Electric and fast. With innovations including three electric motors and a new intelligent handling system, the e-tron S offers more than sporty power and looks alone. It sprints from 0 to 62mph in just 4.5 seconds and has an impressive range of up to 222 miles⁴ on a single charge.

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    e-tron S Sportback

    Electric has gone thrilling. Introducing our first ever, fully electric S model. Everything you’d expect of an Audi S model, powered entirely by electricity. With a range of up to 223 miles⁴ and 370 kW of power, the SUV coupé sprints from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

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New Q4 e-tron, Q4 Sportback e-tron, e-tron, e-tron Sportback and e-tron GT customers who place an order from the 1st April – 31st December 2022 and have an installation of before 1st April 2023 can receive a subsidised Pod Point 7kW home wallbox with standard installation for £599 RRP. The wall box must be ordered from PodPoint via a participating Audi Centre at the time of ordering your new Audi e-tron. Please request the offer at the time of vehicle order to ensure your order is placed by the Audi Centre. UK retail and fleet customers purchasing a new Audi e-tron from participating Audi Centres only. Please speak to your local Audi Centre for more information. The discounted £599 wall box included in the offer is a 7kW Pod Point Solo wallbox with standard installation only. The availability of standard installation depends on various factors including the age and condition of the existing wiring at the property and the location of the nearest electricity point/meter. To find out whether you are likely to qualify for standard installation, please visit here (https://pod-point.com/standard-install-and-olev-terms-conditions). Standard installation is subject to survey. You will have the option to choose between a universal socket or tethered unit. Supply, installation and maintenance of the wall box will be subject to a separate contract between the customer and Pod Point. Neither Audi UK nor the Audi Centre can accept any responsibility in connection with that contract and any customer queries or claims must be directed to Pod Point. Customers will need to liaise directly with Pod Point in connection with survey and installation. Any additional costs for example additional accessories, wall box upgrades, non-standard installation, must be paid for by the customer. Wallboxes are non-transferable and non-refundable and there is no cash or other alternative. However, Audi UK reserves the right to include a different wallbox and installation, of equivalent or greater value, within the offer. If an Audi e-tron order is cancelled after installation of the wallbox, then the customer will be liable to repay to Pod Point the fees paid by Audi UK in connection with the wallbox and standard installation. If the customer cancels an Audi e-tron order before the installation has taken place then no charges will be made. This does not affect customers' statutory rights. Subject to availability and we reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time. UK sales only (excludes Channel Islands and Isle of Man).
New customers to Octopus Energy who purchase an Audi electric vehicle and who set up an account for gas and/or electricity and sign up via the referral link provided by Audi UK will be eligible for free miles in the form of £45 credit per fuel type on their energy account. To receive £90 credit, customers must switch both fuels (gas and electricity) to Octopus Energy. If only one account is switched, the customer will receive £45 credit. The credit shall be applied once the account is on supply and the first direct debit payment has been taken. If you qualify for more than one marketing incentive, Octopus reserves the right to give you just one incentive. To benefit from the Octopus Go tariff, the customer must have a SMETS2 smart meter or a SecureTM branded SMETS1 meter that they have agreed to let Octopus receive half-hourly consumption data from. There are some instances where a smart meter installation is not possible, for example remote areas with poor mobile signal. Where smart meter installation is not possible, customers can sign up to an Octopus standard tariff and still receive the £45 credit per fuel type. For the Q4 e-tron SUV 40 S line, at Octopus' Go tariff off-peak rate (7.5 p/kWh), £90 credit is equivalent to an estimated figure of up to 4,500 miles. This is based on a usable battery capacity of 76.6 kWh and official WLTP test range of 308 miles, giving an efficiency average of 0.25 kWh/mile. Efficiency differs depending on multiple variables, such as driving style, driving conditions and vehicle configuration. Figures (including official range, efficiency average and estimated mileage equivalent to the credit value) may not reflect the real life driving results you achieve. If the vehicle is not charged during the off-peak window £90 credit is equivalent to up to approximately 1100 miles based on the peak electricity price of 30.73/kWh. Existing Octopus Energy customers who joined Octopus Energy directly and purchase an electric vehicle from Audi can still avail this offer and should contact Octopus Energy directly on evoffers@octopus.energy to request a switch and/or add credit to their account. Existing customers must not have claimed other Octopus joining rewards (and must not have joined via a refer a friend scheme or another Octopus partner) to be eligible. Audi UK reserves the right to withdraw the offer without notice. Correct as of January 2022.
eCS general T&Cs including 12 months free subscription T&Cs eCS is a subscription service including monthly subscription charges and payments based on actual usage at participating charging stations. There are no subscription charges for customers purchasing a new Audi e-tron and registering for the Transit tariff for the first 12 months first year and customers will pay only for actual usage on the basis of the applicable Audi or third party tariffs for charging. eCS contracts will automatically renew on a paid-for subscription basis at the end of the first year initial term of first 12 months (at a cost currently anticipated to be £16.81 per month for the Transit tariff, excluding payments based on actual usage), unless terminated. Prices may vary over time and between locations To sign up to eCS, customers will need to register for a free of charge MyAudi account (see https://www.audi.co.uk/uk/web/en/owners/my-audi.html for details) and to provide their name, address and payment details. As part of the sign-up process, customers will need to activate their eCS card. Log-in and authentication through the myAudi app may be required at some charging stations. For the full eCS terms and conditions see here. For more information about eCS please speak to your Audi Centre or see here.
Range dependent on trim and optional equipment. All vehicles are tested according to WLTP technical procedures. Figures shown are official test values for comparability purposes; only compare fuel consumption, CO2 and electric range figures with other vehicles tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including but not limited to factory fitted options, accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, road and traffic conditions, individual driving styles, vehicle load, vehicle condition, use of systems like climate control (and, for battery electric vehicles, the starting charge, age and conditions of the battery). Figures for battery electric vehicles were obtained after the battery had been fully charged. Battery electric vehicles require mains electricity for charging. Zero emissions while driving. Figures quoted are subject to change due to ongoing approvals/changes and figures may include options not available in the UK. Please consult your local Audi Centre for further information. Data correct in October 2021.
Timings based on a 5 to 80% charge using an ultra-rapid DC public charge station at the vehicle’s maximum charging capability. Ultra rapid charging stations are still limited in the UK, with numbers planned to increase. Actual charging times will vary depending on various factors, including the selected vehicle (and battery option, if available), the type of charger used, the level of charge in the battery, the age type, condition and temperature of the charger and the battery, the power supply, ambient temperature at the point of use and other environmental factors. Charging times will also be affected by the charging curve (for example, once charging passes 80%, charging will slow to protect the battery's longevity) and will be longer if battery temperature activates safeguarding technology.
£150 free credit UK offer T&Cs All new Q4 e-tron, Q4 sportback e-tron, e-tron, e-tron Sportback and e-tron GT customers who place a new car order from 1st Jan 2020 until 31st Dec 2021 and sign up to a minimum 12 month contract with the e-tron Charging Service, on our Transit tariff (no subscription cost for the first year, then automatically renewing at £16.95 per month unless terminated¹) can receive £150 account credit via an electronic voucher code and could benefit from up to 1,000 miles worth of free electricity* from participating charge point operators. To receive the free credit, customers will need to call or send a WhatsApp message to 01137 334 311 to receive an electronic voucher code via email. You will need to confirm details of your car so that we can check eligibility. The voucher code has to be redeemed within the eCS account portal by no later than 31st March 2022. Only available to UK eCS account holders. Only one voucher code per eCS contract may be applied. Voucher codes can only be used to claim the £150 credit once and are not transferable. The credit can only be used against charging sessions for customers' own Audi e-tron in the UK at participating charge point operators within eCS (please see https://e-tron.charging-service.audi/web/audi-gb/map for an indicative list from time to time). Log-in and authentication through the myAudi app may be required at some charging stations. Once activated the £150 credit must be used within 3 years and while the eCS contract is continuing. Remaining credit will be lost if the customer's eCS contract expires or is terminated for any reason. Subject to availability and we reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Full eCS terms and conditions apply see here.
1,000 mile calculation based on e-tron 50 Technik with an official electric range of up to 190 miles (WLTP cycle) and a 71kWh battery. Based on an electricity price of 30p/kWH (e-tron charging service AC tariff price https://e-tron.charging-service.audi/web/audi-gb/tariffs) correct as at February 2020. Official electric range data is for comparability purposes and may not reflect real world driving. DC/Ionity tariff prices vary. AC tariff price subject to change from time to time. Mileage achieved by individual drivers and vehicles from £150 credit may be less than 1000 miles depending on various factors, including selected trimline and battery, use of AC, DC or Ionity charging, actual tariff at time of charging and actual range achieved, which will depend on e.g. accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load.

Models shown are not UK specification. Please use model configurator to view UK specifications.