Audi hold assist

Audi hold assist keeps the car stationary once it's stopped and automatically prevents it from rolling on uphill and downhill gradients.

During stops on uphill and downhill gradients, Audi hold assist holds the car stationary for as long as needed.

It's activated by pressing a button and allows the driver to set the car in motion smoothly without having to use the handbrake at all. If the vehicle remains stationary for a long period with Audi hold assist active, the system automatically switches over to the electromechanical parking brake. There's no need to operate the handbrake to pull away.

Audi hold assist is part of the ABS-ESP control system. After you release the brake pedal, the hydraulic pressure is maintained, meaning the hydraulic system keeps the brake pads pressed against the brake discs at the front and rear.

During this process, the electromechanical parking brake is not in operation. This means a quicker reaction time, less noise and less braking effect at all four wheels, and enhanced comfort. Audi hold assist is only available in conjunction with the electromechanical parking brake.