New car warranty

Audi new vehicle warranty

All new Audi models come with a choice of a three, four or five year warranty.

Whichever warranty you choose can be transferred with your car if you decide to sell before the warranty expires.

The warranties are designed to cover a whole range of mechanical and electrical components, ensuring your complete peace of mind.

Standard three year

Up to 60,000 miles

Four year warranty
From £235 (A1) - £1,035 (R8)
Up to 75,000 miles

Five year warranty
From £500 (A1) - £2,555 (R8)
Up to 90,000 miles

Warranty prices

The table shows you the prices (including VAT at 20%) for our three, four or five year Audi warranty.

The Audi warranty guarantee

If during its warranty period your vehicle shows any defects in manufacture or workmanship you should contact your local Audi Centre. Any member of the Audi authorised network will be able to carry out the necessary work, free of charge.

If you have modified your vehicle with additional equipment or accessories, you may be charged for the removal of the equipment if necessary.

The warranty is not affected by a change of ownership of the vehicle. Any parts replaced become the property of Audi. Any replaced parts are covered for the rest of the vehicle warranty. You can learn more by reading the Audi warranty terms and conditions.

Take advantage of our extended warranties for existing cars.


Range* 3-year 60,000 mile Audi warranty 4-year 75,000 mile Audi warranty 5-year 90,000 mile Audi warranty
A1 No charge £235 £500
A3 No charge £245 £545
A4 No charge £385 £905
A5 No charge £535 £1,255
A6 No charge £560 £1,355
A7 No charge £730 £1,750
A8 No charge £1,035 £2,555
Q3 No charge £325 £745
Q5 No charge £535 £1,255
Q7 No charge £560 £1,335
R8 No charge £1,035 £2,555
TT No charge £385 £905

*includes S and RS models where applicable

Your Audi will be covered by one of the above authorised network warranties if:

  • The vehicle has not exceeded the stated mileage
  • The vehicle was imported by Audi UK and supplied through the United Kingdom Audi authorised network

Warranties will terminate on the anniversary of the relevant year from the date of original registration or at the stated miles, whichever is soonest. Should the mileage exceed the stated miles within the first two years, the two-year manufacturer’s warranty will still be valid, but you will not automatically have a third, fourth or fifth year
of warranty.

Warranties and servicing

Your vehicle should be serviced in accordance with the manufacturers’ technical guidelines. Any damage or defect in the vehicle caused by poor or insufficient servicing will not be covered by the vehicle’s warranty.

You must keep clear records of your vehicle’s services. If your vehicle has a printed service schedule booklet then it must be stamped by the business carrying out the service work.

If your vehicle has a digital service schedule, make sure you keep sufficient records, such as invoices, for any work carried out. This will show that your Audi has been serviced appropriately.

Audi warranty terms and conditions

Warranties and servicing

Learn more about warranties, service plans and insurance