Servicing your Audi

The Audi Difference

No one knows your Audi like we do

Regularly servicing your Audi ensures it stays in great condition, and could enhance its future resale value.

Using an Audi Centre for your servicing means your car will receive the highest levels of care and expertise. Genuine Audi parts are fitted by trained Audi technicians, maintaining your car's service history.

We offer a wide range of affordable fixed price jobs to help keep your Audi in perfect condition, including a fixed price service for just £170.

Booking a service is easy; you can contact your local Audi Centre or book online.

When should I service my Audi?

How often your Audi is serviced will depend on your driving style and the type of service schedule you use.

There are two types of service schedule available:

  • Fixed Service schedule
  • Flexible Service schedule

When a vehicle is frequently used in the following conditions, we recommend it's on a fixed schedule, regardless of mileage:

  • Uneconomical driving styles, i.e. heavy acceleration and braking, constant use of high revs
  • High engine loading conditions, i.e. frequent towing and hill climbs

Your local Audi Centre will be able to give you more information about the right schedule for you.

Fixed Service schedule Flexible Service schedule
Recommended for:

Less than 10,000 miles per annum
Mainly city/town centre driving
Short journeys

More than 10,000 miles per annum
Motorway and main road driving
Mainly longer distance journeys

Oil-change service: Fixed to every 9,000*/  1 year Variable to a maximum of 19,000 miles*/ 2 years
Inspection service: Fixed to every 19,000 miles*/ 2 years Fixed to every 19,000 miles*/ 2 years

Audi oil

Audi recommend Castrol EDGE Professional


Audi work with Castrol to co-engineer engine oil to maximise performance and increase fuel economy of your Audi. Find out more about Audi oil.

Digital Service Schedule

Digital Service Schedule

The Digital Service Schedule is the new way of recording and protecting your Audi service history. All vehicles built from November 2012 onwards will now have their entire service history stored electronically in a secure online database.

Your Audi Centre will provide you with a print-out of the service record each time you visit.

The Digital Service Schedule has many advantages over the traditional paper service record including:

  • Access to the full service history for the life of the vehicle from any Audi Centre
  • A security code which can be verified by any Audi Centre to provide added reassurance when buying or selling a vehicle
  • Protection against forgery or the records being lost
  • Proof of service work to protect your warranty

Maintaining a full and up-to-date Audi service history which is trustworthy and accurate will help preserve the resale price of your vehicle.

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