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e-tron Charging Service

For plug-in hybrid and electric cars

One card. Thousands of
charging points.

Enjoy access to almost 75% of the UK's public charging points¹ with one card, including some of the UK's leading charging operators like BP Pulse and Pod Point.

The e-tron Charging Service (eCS) gives you access to thousands of charging points across the UK and rest of Europe. You can choose between two tariffs (City and Transit) which will give you easy access to these charging stations through one charge card/app, all under one single contract.


e-tron offer

1 year free Transit Tariff subscription² and £150 charging credit³ for all new Q4 e-tron, Q4 e-tron Sportback, e-tron, 
e-tron Sportback and e-tron GT customers. Customers who purchase a used car can also sign up for an eCS card. The complimentary subscription and charging credit is exclusively for customers purchasing a new e-tron.

How to sign up for the e-tron
Charging Service

Before you follow the steps below you will need to have a myAudi account.

  • Step 1

    Create an account via the e-tron Charging Service portal (my Audi account required).

    Sign up
  • Step 2

    Enter your vehicle details – you will need your 
car’s VIN number to hand.

  • Step 3

    Select a tariff – you can choose from City or Transit.

  • Step 4

    Enter your personal contact and payment details.

  • Step 5

    Locate your charge card in the glove compartment of your vehicle, and activate it by entering the A-UK number found on your card. It can take up to 24 hours for the card to be activated. If you can’t find your charge card, don’t worry, you can choose to have one sent to you via post, it may take up to 4-6 working days.

  • Step 6

    Review the contract details and confirm sign up. If you are eligible for a voucher code³, WhatsApp us on 01137 334 311 after setting up your account and we’ll send you a code to add to your account. You may also wish to add additional packages to your account, such as the BP Pulse Subscription.

Benefits of using the e-tron 

Charging Service

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    Access a vast network of public charging points

    Access thousands of charging stations across the UK and Europe with one card. New charging stations are integrated continuously.

  • D-Card_3col-02.jpg
    Easy payment

    To activate the charge and payment at eCS charging stations, all you need is the e-tron charge card or myAudi app.

  • D-Card_3col-03.jpg
    Free roaming

    Country-specific prices mean that you can travel abroad freely and easily without having to constantly sign up to different networks and compare prices.

  • D-Card_3col-04.jpg
    Fixed tariffs

    Fixed prices are established so there is no need to compare between companies to see which one is the cheapest⁴.

  • D-Card_3col-05.jpg
    Easy to find Charging stations

    All eCS charging stations will be integrated into your car navigation and myAudi app helping you to plan your trips.

  • D-Card_3col-06.jpg
    One contract - easy and transparent

    You can access your individual charging contract on the eCS portal (also available via myAudi app).

Two simple tariffs to choose 


You can choose from either a City or Transit tariff. Simply pick the one that suits your charging needs.

e-tron charging
  • City

    The City tariff is best suited for e-tron and plug-in hybrid drivers who want the flexibility of a convenient monthly contract⁵. You can cancel at any time with a month's notice. This plan includes AC, DC charging including BP Pulse instant and Ionity direct high-powered charging.
    We recommend that TFSI e customers select this tariff.

  • Transit tariff

    Need a tariff that goes the distance? Our comprehensive 12-month contract is available for all e-tron drivers and is ideal for those covering longer distances or requiring regular Ionity high-power charging⁸.

    The Transit tariff includes AC, DC, BP Pulse instant and discounted Ionity high-powered charging access, plus all new e-tron owners can enjoy a year’s free subscription and £150 charging credit³ – which is the equivalent of 1,000 miles of free electricity.

    To receive your free credit, please call or WhatsApp us on 01137 334 311 and we will send you an electronic voucher code to add to your account on the e-tron Charging Service portal.

BP Pulse optional subscription pack

BP Pulse is one of the UKs largest charging networks. Whilst BP Pulse Instant Access is included in both the City and Transit tariffs, you can enjoy discounted rates when you add the optional BP Pulse subscription pack, at an additional monthly charge.

UK charge point operators

In the UK we have partnered with the following charge point operators, giving you access to thousands of charging stations across the country⁶. New partners and charging stations will be integrated continuously. For the most up to date information please check the eCS charging stations on the eCS interactive map, navigation or myAudi app.


Pay and charge at charging stations

For the majority of charging stations, all you need is your e-tron charge card. For some providers like Pod Point and Charg.gy, the chargers don't have the ability to read cards so you will need to use the myAudi app⁷ (you will need to ensure your car is linked to your account).

myAudi app

How to find charging stations

You can find eCS charging points through your car's navigation or myAudi app. These are easily identifiable by the Audi rings. You can also find the eCS charging points by using our interactive map.

Discover charging stations

How to use e-tron Charging

We’ve created the below short film to help you understand how to use the e-tron Charging Service.

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Get started today

Its easy to set up your contract. Simply view the tariffs and sign up via the e-tron Charging Service portal.

Estimate calculation based on eCS charge points coverage of 19,485 (data correct as of 16th December 2021) and total applicable UK charge points coverage of 26,940 (November 2021 Zap map data). Data based on Type 2 and CCS devices only, excludes private and dealership charging stations (with the exception of Porsche) and non-compatible charging stations including other OEMS.
eCS general T&Cs including 12 months free subscription T&Cs. eCS is a subscription service including monthly subscription charges and payments based on actual usage at participating charging stations. There are no subscription charges for customers purchasing a new Audi e-tron and registering for the Transit tariff (https://e-tron.charging-service.audi/web/audi-gb/tariffs) for the first 12 months first year and customers will pay only for actual usage on the basis of the applicable Audi or third party tariffs for charging. eCS contracts will automatically renew on a paid-for subscription basis at the end of the first year initial term of first 12 months (at a cost currently anticipated to be £16.81 per month for the Transit tariff, excluding payments based on actual usage). If the contract is not terminated on time (i.e within the for the two weeks’ notice period at the end of the respective contract period) the contract period is extended by a further 12 month period. notice period. Prices may vary over time and between locations. To sign up to eCS, customers will need to register for a free of charge MyAudi account (see www.audi.co.uk/uk/web/en/owners/my-audi.html for details) and to provide their name, address and payment details. As part of the sign-up process, customers will need to activate their eCS card. Log-in and authentication through the myAudi app may be required at some charging stations. For the full eCS terms and conditions see here (https://e-tron.charging-service.audi/web/audi-gb/terms-and-conditions). For more information about eCS please speak to your Audi Centre or see here (https://e-tron.charging-service.audi/web/audi-gb).
£150 free charging credit UK offer T&Cs. All new Q4 e-tron, Q4 e-tron Sportback, e-tron, e-tron Sportback and e-tron GT customers who place a new car order from 1st Jan 2022 until 31st Dec 2022 and sign up to a minimum 12 month contract with the e-tron Charging Service (https://e-tron.charging-service.audi/web/audi-gb/tariffs), on our Transit tariff (no subscription cost for the first year, then automatically renewing at £16.81 per month unless terminated) can receive £150 charging credit via an electronic voucher code and could benefit from up to 1,000 miles worth of free electricity* from participating charge point operators. To receive the free credit, customers will need to call or send a WhatsApp message to 01137 334 311 to receive an electronic voucher code via email. You will need to confirm details of your car so that we can check eligibility. The voucher code has to be activated within the eCS account portal by no later than 31st December 2022. Only available to UK eCS account holders. Only one voucher code per eligible vehicle and eCS contract may be applied. Voucher codes can only be used to claim the £150 credit once and are not transferable. The credit can only be used against charging sessions for customers' own Audi e-tron in the UK at participating charge point operators within eCS (please see https://e-tron.charging-service.audi/web/audi-gb/map for an indicative list from time to time). Log-in and authentication through the myAudi app may be required at some charging stations. Once activated the £150 credit must be used within 3 years and while the eCS contract is continuing. Remaining credit will be lost if the customer's eCS contract expires or is terminated for any reason. Subject to availability and we reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time. Full eCS terms and conditions apply see here (https://e-tron.charging-service.audi/web/audi-gb/terms-and-conditions). *1,000 mile calculation based on e-tron 50 Technik with an official electric range of up to 190 miles (WLTP cycle) and a 71kWh battery. Based on an electricity price of 30p/kWH (e-tron charging service AC tariff price https://e-tron.charging-service.audi/web/audi-gb/tariffs) correct as at February 2020. Official electric range data is for comparability purposes and may not reflect real world driving. DC/Ionity tariff prices vary. AC tariff price subject to change from time to time. Mileage achieved by individual drivers and vehicles from £150 credit may be less than 1000 miles depending on various factors, including selected trimline and battery, use of AC, DC or Ionity charging, actual tariff at time of charging and actual range achieved, which will depend on e.g. accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load.
Pod Point is the only exception, where the price on the charging unit is the price you pay. For more information about pricing for charging at participating charging stations operated by Pod Point, please access the myAudi app, select a charging station and tap on the price link.
The City tariff contract has an indefinite term and can be terminated by either party by giving one month’s notice starting from the end of the current month.
UK partners only. Accurate as of 16th December 2021
The transit tariff contract has a fixed term of 12 months and may be terminated by both parties with a notice period of two weeks to the end of the respective contract period. If the contract is not terminated on time, the contract period is extended by a further 12 month period.

Models shown are not UK specification. Please use model configurator to view UK specifications.