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Drive towards the future

With an exciting range of fully electric (e-tron) and plug-in hybrid (TFSI e) cars, we're transforming our model line up - and your driving experience. Find out more about what life could be like with an Audi e-tron or TFSI e model below.

A day in the life with a Q4 e-tron

Transport yourself into the Audi Q4 e-tron on a road trip beneath the big skies of the north Norfolk coast.


A remote working adventure

A lot can happen in a week, especially when your office is the Audi A3 Sportback TFSI e. Our man takes remote working to the next level.

Electric benefits

From taking advantage of incentives and exemptions, to reducing emissions whilst driving, there are so many benefits to owning an electric Audi. Here are just some of them:

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    Instant torque

    Electric motors have the great advantage that they can call up high torque immediately from the first moment of acceleration.

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    Less emissions whilst driving

    Fully electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions and plug-in hybrid models have zero local emissions when used in fully electric mode.

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    Local incentives

    Some local authorities offer incentives for electric vehicles, which may include reduced cost Residents’ Parking Permits, Green Vehicle Permits and free parking.

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    Congestion Charge exemption

    Fully electric vehicles in London qualify for the 100% cleaner vehicle discount, which means exemption from the congestion charge.

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    Free access to Low Emission Zones

    The low or zero emissions from plug-in and fully electric vehicles will mean lower charges from the Clean Air Zones being implemented across the UK and the Ultra-Low Emission Zone in London. Additionally, eligible London drivers can benefit from up to £2,000 scrappage allowance towards an ULEZ compliant vehicle, such as a fully electric e-tron.

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    Electric car offers and incentives

    At Audi, we aim to make the switch to electric as easy as possible. From our latest offers for both new and used fully electric (e-tron) and plug-in hybrid (TFSI e) customers, to the incentives offered by the UK government for both retail and business customers - explore how we can help you into an electric Audi.

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Thrilling to drive, easy to live with.

Impeccable design, supreme comfort and packed with technology and innovation. Our range of fully electric (e-tron) and plug-in hybrid (TFSI e) vehicles are everything you’d expect from Audi. Plus electric.

Estimated 3p/mile charging with Intelligent Octopus

Audi fully electric (e-tron) and plug-in hybrid (TFSI e) customers can now benefit from the Intelligent Octopus tariff, with which it could cost as low as an estimated 3p/mile to charge your Audi Q4 S line 40 e-tron¹. This tariff may help reduce the cost of ownership of an electric vehicle.

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More space, more comfort.

Without the need for a combustion engine, all our fully electric vehicles boast a spacious interior with generous legroom and ample boot space to ensure comfort and luxury.

Seamlessly integrated technologies

With sophisticated batteries, forward-thinking navigation systems and the ability to connect your world to your car, an electrified Audi is a leap into smarter driving.

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Accessories to suit your lifestyle

A world full of lifestyle, comfort and quality accessories. Optimise and enhance your Audi based on your individual wishes with Audi Genuine Accessories.

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Calculate how far your electric range can take you

Find out what the range of your fully electric Audi could be for you based on your own personal driving styles and habits.

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Electric stories

Take a seat and jump right into our electrifying articles full of useful tips, stories and how-tos on all things electric.

Thinking of buying a Used electric Audi?

There are plenty of good quality used fully electric and plug-in hybrid models for you to choose from.

What is it really like to go electric?

Barrat and Ortis Deley on a road trip spanning three countries, but with one mission; debunk the common misconceptions around electric vehicles. First up: are EVs fun to drive?

Audi and the environment

Innovation, living progress and a conscious mindset are at the heart of the Audi brand. Transformation is very much here.

¹Pence per mile figures are estimates for the standard specification of the Audi Q4 S line 40 e-tron based on official WLTP test range values (311 miles). Assumes charging a 76.6kWH battery from 20-80%, with a 7.4kW smart home EV charger using 6 hours of off-peak energy + 1 hour peak energy with Octopus's Intelligent Octopus tariff at an external ambient temperature of 10˚C (charging takes longer and p/mile costs are higher at lower temperatures) and 100% of the battery's rated charge capacity (real world battery capacity and range will decline over time). For information and comparability only. Results should not be relied upon. Real world results will be different and will depend on multiple factors including actual specification (including options and accessories fitted), type of charger used, the level of charge in the battery, the age type, condition and temperature of the charger and the battery, the power supply, ambient temperature at the point of use and other environmental factors, the individual driving style, use of heating/AC, variations in road and weather conditions, vehicle load, actual charging costs etc. Figures are subject to change due to ongoing approvals or changes in model specification. Please consult your retailer for further information. Vehicle data correct as at 25 July 2023.