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'Vorsprung durch Technik' is the Audi philosophy - which means 'progress through technology'.

Here at Audi, we are proud of our technological advances. To learn more about our innovations and which models they can be found on, please click on the 'i' icon beneath each technology.

Technologies may be standard or optional depending on model and trim line. Please refer to our brochures for full model specification.


Matrix LED beam

Audi Matrix Beam

High-precision illumination, individually controllable LEDs. These innovative Matrix LED headlights provide a special driving experience.  

Audi Matrix LED High Beam Mode ensures bright homogenous road illumination. Split into numerous individual light emitting diodes, the system dims light shining directly on oncoming and preceding vehicles, whilst casting full light on zones between and beside them.

With added functions to provide even greater safety, the Audi Matrix LED headlights double up as a cornering light. Using predictive route data supplied by the MMI Navigation Plus the beams shift towards the bend before the driver turns the steering wheel. 

Laser lights

Audi Laser light

Three times as bright as the LED high beam, Audi Laser lights reach nearly 500 meters - a major safety plus for the driver.

Laser lights

Laser diodes emit a monochromatic and coherent light with a wavelength of 450 nanometers. Naturally presenting a bluish shimmer, a phosphor-coated film covers the diode, creating a white light suitable for automotive applications.Even smaller than LED diodes, they’re just a few micrometers in diameter and come very close to the theoretical ideal of a high-output, point light source for use in cars.

In the Audi Sport quattro laserlight concept show car, which Audi displayed at the CES, the high beam produced by the laser diodes is three times as bright as the LED high beam. Because the light beam is tightly bundled, laser diodes are not currently suitable for wide, low-beam light.

Sweeping indicators

Audi sweeping indicators

Sleek turn signals with dynamised display, known as ‘sweeping indicators’. A pioneering addition to selected models.

Sweeping indicators

Sweeping indicators use smart technology, found in both headlights and taillights, to improve the functionality of turn indicators by sending clearer signals than conventional turn signals.

They’re implemented on each side by a band of 30 LEDs, with seven segments sequentially activated every 150 milliseconds. As turn signal flashers, they illuminate on the same side as the direction that the driver intends to turn.

Audi Sweeping indicators

Adaptive cruise control

Audi Adaptive Cruise Control

Regulating your car's speed automatically, this advanced feature allows you to come to a complete stop and start again automatically.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The Audi Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system regulates your car's speed and distance from the vehicle ahead. For use on vehicles with an S tronic gearbox, ACC ‘stop and go’ uses radar sensors to detect objects ahead. This can be up to 250 meters (820.21 ft) away from the car. The driver can adjust this distance and the control dynamics in multiple levels.

In stop-and-go traffic, the system can bring the car to a complete stop. After a brief stop, like at a traffic light, it automatically drives off, following the vehicle ahead. After longer stops, the driver simply has to tap the accelerator pedal or briefly activate the control stalk to resume driving.

Side assist

Audi Pre-sense

Side assist aids the driver when changing lanes, monitoring traffic behind the car and warning of possible dangers. Available on selected models.

Side assist

The lane change assistant Audi side assist aids the driver when changing lane.

With its radar sensors in the rear bumper, the system monitors traffic in the driver’s blind spot. When a vehicle approaches from behind, the LED warning signal lights up.

The area beside and behind the vehicle is monitored by radar sensors at speeds above 30 km/h. When there is a vehicle in the blind spot or a vehicle is approaching rapidly from behind, the LED signal in the respective exterior mirror is continuously illuminated as a warning to the driver.

If the turn signal is operated in this situation, the lights in the exterior mirror flash to alert the driver to the danger of a collision. Audi side assist does not actively intervene in the controlling of the vehicle and the driver may deactivate it at any time by pressing a button on the driver door.

Parking assist

Audi Parking Assist

Audi parking assist uses technology that takes over the steering system while you control the pedals for automatic, precise parking.

Parking assist

Park assist takes over the steering when backing into detected parking spaces, either parallel or perpendicular to the road. The system finds parking spaces using ultrasound and when they detect a space of sufficient size, a message appears in the instrument display.

The driver then simply puts the car in reverse and the park assist system steers while the driver only has to accelerate, shift gears and brake. 


Head-up display

Audi Heads Up Display

The Audi head-up display Projects important data - such as speed, navigation directions and assist information - onto the windshield. 

Head-up display

Our first full-colour head-up display recreates the display philosophy of the MMI - with a brilliance that ensures effortless reading even in direct sunlight.

Playing a vital role in the case of an emergency, the head-up display also shortens accommodation time - the time it takes the human eye to refocus from object in the distance to one close up.

Additionally, the head-up windshield display reduces the angle of the drivers head tilt by around five degrees when reading the instrument display. 


Audi phonebox

Audi Phone Box

The Audi phonebox allows you to connect your mobile phone to your car, using the roof antenna to boost mobile signal and reduce transmission.

Audi phonebox

The Audi phonebox allows drivers to use their mobile phone in the car by placing it in the storage compartment provided in the centre console. A wireless connection is created to the vehicle's roof-mounted aerial via the integrated connector in the storage compartment.

This helps to boost the phone's mobile signal, as well as reducing transmission power. The phone can be charged via a USB port and operated via the MMI control panel, the multi-function steering wheel or voice control.

Audi Phone Box

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