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Bluetooth and mobile phone compatibility

If you have a compatible mobile phone you can use the Bluetooth connection available across the Audi range. This allows hands-free operation of your mobile, such as accepting and rejecting calls and hands-free communication.

In addition, the Audi Bluetooth connection allows direct access to contact information stored in a compatible phone, making it easy for you to communicate on the go.

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Bluetooth and mobile phone compatibility

Online navigation services

Online Services offer Audi drivers a secure password-protected portal with a range of personalised services.

Once registered, users are able to view details about the equipment fitted to their Audi and also have the ability to transfer address data and navigation destinations to a compatible vehicles MMI. Please note, in order to use this service mobile telephone preparation - High with online services is required.

Visit Audi Online Services to find out more.

Online navigation services

Mobile phone pairing

Pair your mobile using Audi Bluetooth with mobile phone preparation.

Online services

Connect your mobile and view online services with Audi Connect.

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