Like your sixth sense on the road ahead, this pack brings together a suite of highly advanced systems. Smart technologies that can detect – and even step in when necessary – to help prevent a collision.

Audi Side Assist
When activated, the system aids the driver when changing lanes. Audi Side Assist monitors the area behind the vehicle, using radar sensors located discreetly in the rear bumper, informing the driver with a visual warning signal in the door mirror if there is a vehicle in their blind spot or approaching quickly from behind.

Pre-sense Rear
Monitors vehicles following from behind, and if a potential collision is detected, the driver is first warned visually via a flashing light. Audi Pre-sense Basic measures (e.g. closing windows) are initiated and then if a collision is unavoidable, the system will tighten the front seat belts. The system is deactivated when towing.

Cross Traffic Assist Front
Within system limits, warns the driver of traffic crossing in front or to the side of the vehicle, using vehicle sensors. The system first alerts the driver visually and then acoustically via the MMI. A brake jolt is applied if a potential collision is detected. The system can also assist the driver at crossings and exits with poor visibility, and warn against a possible collision with oncoming traffic detected from the side.
Only in combination with Exterior mirrors, electrically adjustable, heated and folding, and automatically dimming on both sides.
On Sport, only in combination with Electric front seats with driver memory.