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At Audi, we’re dedicated to your safety, for every journey.

Crash ​tests

We undertake extensive research, with the aim to outdo legislative safety standards.

Official ​authorities ​oversee front, ​side ​and ​rear ​impact ​crash ​tests, ​as ​well ​as pedestrian ​protection ​and ​interior ​safety ​tests.

Audi ​crash ​tests exceed ​the ​regulatory ​requirements. ​Extensive ​research programmes ​ensure ​all ​Audi ​models ​outdo ​the legislative ​safety ​standards ​in ​all markets.


Dedicated ​to ​safety

Audi’s dedicated Accident Research Unit (AARU) has been conducting research into the causes of accidents for the past 15 years.

The ARRU’s findings are combined with Volkswagen Group accident research, with the aim of constantly improving accident prevention systems and safety across all new models throughout the Group. Our models also undergo testing by independent organisations, such as Euro NCAP.


Established in 1997, Euro NCAP is backed by seven European governments, as well as motoring and consumer organisations from every EU country. Its remit? To conduct independent safety tests on Europe’s most popular car models.

Euro NCAP’s work has had a significant impact on safety, having brought about major improvements in new car design.