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Audi Safety

At Audi we're dedicated to ensuring your safety is paramount, on every journey.

Crash ​tests

All ​Audi ​models ​undergo computer-simulated ​and ​real ​life ​crash ​tests ​before being ​launched ​onto ​the ​market.

Official ​authorities ​oversee front, ​side ​and ​rear ​impact ​crash ​tests, ​as ​well ​as pedestrian ​protection ​and ​interior ​safety ​tests.

Audi ​crash ​tests exceed ​the ​regulatory ​requirements. ​Extensive ​research programmes ​ensure ​all ​Audi ​models ​outdo ​the legislative ​safety ​standards ​in ​all markets.


Dedicated ​to ​safety

Audi ​had ​lead ​the ​AARU (Audi ​Accident ​Research ​Unit) ​for ​15 ​years. ​The ​research aims ​to ​understand ​the ​causes ​of ​accidents, ​to ​create ​proposals ​for ​the improvement ​of ​accident ​prevention ​systems.

The ​findings ​of ​AARU ​are ​combined ​with ​the ​Volkswagen ​Group's ​accident research, ​to develop ​the ​safety ​of ​new ​models.

Best-selling ​models ​are ​selected ​for ​crash ​testing ​by ​independent ​organisations such ​as ​Euro ​NCAP.


Established ​in ​1997, Euro ​NCAP ​provides ​car ​buyers ​with ​an independent ​safety performance ​test ​on ​some ​of ​the ​most ​popular ​cars ​sold ​in ​Europe.

Euro ​NCAP's ​strict ​vehicle ​crash ​testing ​has ​had ​a ​massive ​impact ​on significant safety ​improvements ​to ​new ​car ​design.

7 ​European ​governments ​back ​EURO ​NCAP, ​as ​well ​as ​motoring ​and ​consumer organisations ​from ​every ​country ​in ​the ​EU.