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About quattro

quattro® is our renowned all-wheel-drive technology, developed to provide exceptional grip in the most demanding situations.

Continually adjusting to road conditions, quattro distributes power between the front and rear wheels, precisely when and where required, allowing for a safer, more rewarding drive.

Even in perfect, everyday conditions, you'll feel the benefit as quattro also gives you the responsiveness that makes an Audi so pleasing to drive.

Home of quattro event

To celebrate quattro, we are running the ‘Home of quattro’ event in Audi Centres from 1-30 September 2014. During the event you will be able to take advantage of quattro finance offers.

To experience the benefits of quattro, you can arrange a test drive, or for more information and full details of our quattro finance offers, visit your local Audi Centre.

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quattro finance offers

We offer a wide range of great finance products across our Models. The offers shown below are examples of these and details of all finance offers can be found by contacting your local Audi Centre.

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How quattro works

quattro constantly analyses the grip from each of your Audi’s four wheels, delivering power to each of them, so when one loses traction, the others compensate to keep the car safely under control.

By distributing the power input from the engine between two axles, higher lateral locating forces can be absorbed when cornering. This enhances lateral acceleration and at the same time ensures the highest possible level of safety.

To learn more about quattro, watch our Audi quattro tutorial video, or to experience the benefit of quattro, arrange a test drive.

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