Q5 torque-sensing differential

How it works: the Self Locking Centre Differential

The Self Locking Centre Differential is at the heart of quattro® on models with the engine positioned longitudinally along the car’s centreline such as the Audi Q5.

Operating entirely mechanically, it continuously reacts to road conditions and responds to any differences in the rotational speeds between the axles. This ensures more power is always transmitted to the wheels with a better grip.

Working in tandem, the Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) can act when needed to prevent the wheels from spinning. Excess power at one wheel is diverted to the other wheels that have more grip, maintaining traction in virtually every situation.

Asymmetric torque distribution

The latest version of new and enhanced generation of quattro features asymmetric and dynamic torque distribution with a 40/60 split, favouring the rear wheels, and it reacts to road conditions even more responsively.

As a result, steering, handling and grip are massively improved and the whole driving experience is made more exhilarating than ever.