The Audi Q2 in the streets of london

The Great Christmas Escape

For those averse to the festive season, the Audi Q2 is the perfect antidote.

Christmas is a festive riot of celebration and ritual. And yet, without whispering, let alone uttering "Bah, humbug!" the trinity of present-shopping, overindulgence and endless parties can sometimes leave you needing a bauble-free getaway.

We caught up with three bloggers, all with very different ideas on how to use the Audi Q2 to escape the Christmas crowds.

The Last-Minute Weekend

When you’re working with some of the biggest brands in the world, life can feel like a never-ending treadmill - especially in the run up to Christmas. For digital consultant and graphic designer Shini Park, the key to staying sane is knowing when you need a break.

Shini Park loading the Audi Q2

Shini Park with the Audi Q2

“Everything is a little more concentrated in December, and there’s a continual feeling of deadlines. I always feel the need for a last-minute break to get away from the responsibilities of Christmas and reclaim a little ‘me’ time.”

In a bid for total tranquility, Shini chose a location most people wouldn’t dream of going in the winter months, the seaside. But, it wasn’t just the destination that helped her unwind.

Shini Park relaxing in her room.

Selecting music inside the Audi Q2

"My favourite part of the road-trip was cruising along the open road with my music soundtracking the journey. I like to feel the bass, so I was delighted the Q2 speakers had so much punch."

The seaside in the winter

And it wasn’t just the rolling hills and mossy countryside that were the perfect accompaniment to Shini’s drive; “My Q2 playlist was brilliant - not a Christmas carol or song in sight.”

The One-Day Weekend

For lifestyle and travel photographer Tun Shin Chang, a whole weekend away is out of the question in December. However, he insists you don’t have to travel miles to get away from the hordes of Christmas shoppers. “When it all gets a bit crazy, I like to escape to Richmond Park. It’s one of the most serene spots in London. You’re still in the city, but it feels like another world.”

The Audi Q2 driving through Richmond Park

As someone who doesn’t do much inner-city driving, Tun Shin found the Q2 to be a savvy co-pilot when navigating his way out to the parkland. “The virtual cockpit allowed me to see the map directly in my eyeline, as well as on the traditional screen. This made the whole ‘watching-where-I’m-going’ process more convenient - and safer.”

Inside the Audi Q2 as it drives through London.

Tun Shin Chang photographing the London scenery

The Audi Q2 outside the Richmond Theatre

“In my Q2 one-day getaway, I managed to visit the Richmond Museum and theatre, take a tour down the river and soak up the atmosphere of the town itself.”

It turns out that even when relaxing, Tun Shin still goes full throttle.

The Romantic Weekend

‘Tis the season to unwind and spend time with loved ones, right? Well, when you’ve got a schedule like Lauren Luxenburg, StyleSavageUK blogger and social media manager at Mr. Porter, this can prove a nigh on impossible task, “At this time of year, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the ‘burning the candle at both ends’ lifestyle” she explains.

With this in mind, we cleared some space in Lauren’s calendar and enlisted her boyfriend, Charles, to organise a romantic weekend away at a farmhouse in the north of the Peak District.

Interior of a romantic farmhouse in the Peak District.

The Audi Q2 being packed for a weekend away.

But being a fashion maven, the practicalities of packing a wardrobe for a weekend away proved difficult, “I didn’t know where we were going, so I didn’t know what to pack for. Thankfully, the Q2 was on hand with a very spacious boot, giving me ample room for all clothes.”

Inside the Audi Q2 on the road to the Peak District

A bridge in the Peak District

And was a Q2 weekend away the remedy for spending time with Charles? “We had an awesome time connecting with the outdoors, and spending time with each other. It’s just a shame I didn’t get to wear all my outfits.”

Written by Ruaridh O’Donnell. Photographs by Shini Park, Tun Shin Chang and Lauren Luxenburg.

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