Audi Virtual Cockpit - information is everything

As a driver, the information you need constantly changes. That's why the Audi Virtual Cockpit changes with you.
Find your nearest petrol station, make that important call and check the latest traffic updates – all at the touch of a button.

The Audi Virtual Cockpit explained

Discover how the Audi Virtual Cockpit enables you to drive with confidence.

Everything in view, directly in front of you

The Virtual Cockpit can be viewed through two different modes - the Classic mode and Infotainment mode - presenting the driver with four key areas of information: driving information, media and on-demand information, communication and navigation. Along the bottom edge of the Virtual Cockpit, displays for time and mileage, outside temperature and warning and information symbols have a fixed position.

Driving information

  • Fuel consumption and mileage
  • Rev counter and speedometer dials
  • Driver assistance systems

Media and on-demand updates

  • Various media including music
  • Audi Connect: traffic updates, fuel prices and more*

*On A4 models, Audi Connect services are displayed on the MMI screen


  • Phone services
  • e-mail
  • Social media channels


  • Google maps satellite imagery*
  • MMI Navigation guidance

*Available exclusively in Audi Connect

The Audi Virtual Cockpit in infotainment mode displaying navigation


Audi Virtual Cockpit in the infotainment mode displaying navigation


Fast, reliable and fully digital

All functions and services on the Virtual Cockpit are shown on a 12.3-inch TFT display, for 3D impression graphics and brilliant clarity. The graphics processor - quadcore Tegra 30 chip from Nvidia - enables the content to be displayed quickly and vibrantly, improving the way you interact with your Audi and the road.

In the R8 range and S models in the A4 and TT ranges, you’ll find a third mode called Sport. This creates an authentic sport driving experience by showcasing a rev counter in the centre, alongside gear selection and a lap timer.

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Intuitive user controls

User experience is a primary focus for Audi technologies. That's why there are three different ways to interact with the Virtual Cockpit: using an MMI dial, a voice control system or the multifunction steering wheel. The Virtual Cockpit is all about personalisation, empowering the driver through easy-to-use in-car technology.

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The Audi Virtual Cockpit in action

When every second counts, we know information is everything. Watch our latest Audi Virtual Cockpit advert.

The Virtual Cockpit range

The Virtual Cockpit is available on the following models. Select your preferred model to find out more.

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