The Audi Configurator

The Audi Configurator allows you to design and build your perfect Audi. To ensure that your car specifically caters to your lifestyle you can select your model, choose your engine and browse through our range of colours, wheels, upholstery and more.

Select a model

Browse through the Audi ranges and body types to find the perfect Audi to configure. The A1 range packs all of Audi’s technical and design heritage into compact models, and the Q range offers an elevated driving position along with off-road capabilities. Take your pick.

Audi Car Configurator models
Audi Car Configurator engines

Choose an engine

Be it for everyday journeys or performance focused motoring experiences, you can build your Audi specific to your needs. Customise your car by selecting from a list of trim lines, engines and drivetrain options.

Configure the exterior

Perfect your Audi exterior and choose from our metallic, pearl effect and Audi exclusive paint finishes. Choose an exterior package for further exclusive paints and rims on selected models, then add the wheels.

Audi Car Configurator paints
Audi Car Configurator interior

Design the interior

Personalise your surroundings with seat upholstery and dashboard finishes crafted from high-quality, premium materials. Or choose an interior package for further exclusive seating comfort on selected models.

Add the equipment

Complete your Audi by adding your preferred headlights, steering wheel options and more. Select from a range of safety and technology features and audio communication options to fully personalise your driving experience.

Audi Car Configurator cabin
Audi Q7 Car Configurator completion

Save your Audi

Once your perfect Audi is complete you can store and compare it against your previously configured cars or save it as a PDF format. Use your unique Audi Code to make changes to your design at a later date by simply re-entering it into the configurator.