• Part of the Audi Sport brand
  • ‘RS’ design elements throughout
  • Fitted with performance engines
  • Diverse choice of body styles

The RS range

The new Audi RS 5 Coupé in red

RS is a sub-range in the Audi Sport family, made up of models that feature across our A and Q ranges. RS models all combine aspects of supercar performance with everyday practicality for those that dream of the thrill of the track being integrated into their everyday drive.

Available in five body types, from the practical RS 6 Avant to the elegant RS 7 Sportback, there is an RS model for every preference.

The new TT RS Coupé and Roadster combines the iconic TT design with blistering performance. Also new to the RS range, the RS 3 Saloon couples an elegant Saloon body type with a powerful 5-cylinder engine in a brand new model for Audi. The new RS 5 Coupé takes racing heritage to a whole new level with details inspired by the Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO.

Use our model configurator to tailor an Audi that suits you.

New RS 3 Saloon

    RS 4 Avant

    New RS 4 Avant

    Introducing the new RS 4 Avant

    The RS 4 Avant is back and it's more powerful than ever. With a top speed of 155mph* the RS 4 Avant is a true performance car with a family-friendly body type. Fitted with a lightweight 450PS V6 engine and quattro all-wheel drive with Sport differential, the RS 4 Avant takes you from 62mph in just 4.1 seconds. The RS specific Virtual Cockpit features a Sport mode with a rev counter, gear selection and a lap timer for an authentic racing experience.

    *Where the law permits.