• Elevated driving position
  • Off-road capabilities
  • Spacious boot and 5-seat cabin
The Audi A6 allroad quattro

The Audi allroad is a practical choice of body type that can tick boxes for many drivers - from families through to adventure seekers. The spacious allroad combines a 5-door design with a large boot and rugged exterior elements, making it equally as ready for the city as the countryside.

This car can take on any terrain thanks partly to quattro all-wheel drive technology - Audi’s enhanced version of
four-wheel drive - that provides you with grip in all weathers.

The allroad’s body type is reminiscent of an Avant (also known as an Estate) but stands out with its heightened frame and underbody stainless steel protection that can tackle off-road adventures. Launching later in 2016, the all-new A4 allroad quattro will bring cutting-edge infotainment, including the Audi Smartphone Interface system, to the allroad body type.

Audi allroads feature in the A4 and A6 ranges. Whichever model range your allroad belongs to, use our
model configurator to tailor one that fits you perfectly.

The A6 allroad quattro

The A6 allroad quattro

A6 allroad quattro

Meet the A6 allroad

The A6 allroad quattro is fit for all terrains thanks partly to the extraordinary road-holding of quattro permanent
all-wheel-drive technology, a key feature of this body type. quattro maintains the allroad’s traction when the conditions change, keeping you in control on the road - and, of course, off it. It boasts practical wheel arch protectors, an elevated driving position and comfortable seats, making it an ideal companion for exploring both rural and urban environments.

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