Introducing the all-new Q5

Arriving in 2017

All-new Audi Q5

The all-new Audi Q5.
Redesigned. Re-engineered. Revealed.

At the Paris Motor Show, all eyes were on the all-new Audi Q5 – and when the covers came off, it didn't disappoint.

A new, more sculpted design gives added presence. A longer wheelbase brings more space to the cabin. And lightweight materials make it even more agile and exciting to drive.

Making way for a next generation SUV

Amongst its most advanced technologies is quattro on-demand. This system monitors the road and switches effortlessly between two-wheel and all-wheel drive – giving you sure-footed performance on even the most demanding journey.

So, from the way it looks to the way it drives, it’s all you’d expect of
a next-generation SUV.

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All-new Audi Q5 quattro technology

Well connected

The all-new Q5 features state of the art infotainment and assistance systems allowing you to be connected at all times and enjoy stress-free driving. You’ll have seamless access to your smartphone apps in the all-new Q5 thanks to Audi Smartphone Interface. The system turns your car into an extension of your phone by connecting one directly to the other.

The all-new Q5 has increased knee and head room thanks to the extended wheelbase, making every journey in the Q5 truly comfortable.

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