How to check if your Audi is affected

We have developed a simple ‘self-service’ website, so you can check if your vehicle has been affected by the NOx emissions issue. The service will help you find your Vehicle Identification Number by simply entering your registration number. We use the VIN to determine if your car is affected. If our service shows you have an affected vehicle, you do not need to take any further action, we will contact you in the coming weeks.

How to find your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

To find your VIN, use our VIN finder app below. Once your VIN has been revealed, please use the red button to find out if your vehicle is affected.

Please note that if your vehicle has been exported from the UK in the last 12 months, you should not use this VIN checker. Instead, you must use the VIN checker for the market in which your vehicle is currently registered in order to check the status of the EA 189 service action for your vehicle.

What happens next?

Step by step, we will contact affected customers directly. We will contact you, you do not need to take any action yourself now.

Please note – we can only give information about Audi vehicles supplied in the UK. For other Volkswagen Group brands, visit the relevant brand websites for the same VIN check.