Audi Security

Security is a top priority for Audi and we have a strong track record of making some of the most secure vehicles on the market.


What protects your Audi?

All new Audi models are fitted with a range of anti-theft measures to deter and prevent opportunistic thieves. These include deadlocks, alarms and immobilisers.

Our high level of security was demonstrated in the latest (2012) British Insurance Vehicle Security Awards, awarded by Thatcham, where Audi occupied the podium positions in all relevant classes.   

The security of your Audi has always been of paramount importance to us. We've worked closely with industry experts like Thatcham for over 15 years to continuously improve and develop new vehicle systems to ensure our security stays one step ahead.

All Audi vehicles are Thatcham ā€˜Eā€™ rated. This means that the security package, both mechanical and electronic, exceeds the requirement for a vehicle of its type. All Audi vehicles are fitted with Thatcham approved alarms and immobiliser combinations.

Find out more about Thatcham


Developments in technologies within the vehicle industry over the last 12 years have significantly contributed towards reduced car crime (318,000 vehicles stolen in 2002; 78,738 stolen 10/2014-09/2015. Visit to find out more.

If you have any concerns or questions about your Audi vehicle integrity you can speak to our advisers between 8am and 8pm by calling 0800 699 888 free of charge; or alternatively contact your local Audi Centre.


Be wary of leaving your vehicle and its key(s) with third parties e.g. valet parking, car valeting, etc.

  • There is a potential risk of additional keys being coded while in their possession. Ensure you use reputable companies.

Where fitted, lock your rear seats in position

  • This reduces risk of possessions being taken from the boot or accessing the cabin via the boot

Thatcham recommends

  • Where possible park your car in an area with monitored CCTV or in a manned car park. If you have a garage, then use it. If none of these are an option then park in a well-lit area
  • Consider additional anti-theft deterrents such as steering, pedal or gearshift locks and tracking devices

What can you do to improve security?

No vehicle can be guaranteed 100% secure from the most determined thieves. So we recommend you take the following preventative measures to ensure your Audi is as secure as possible.

Ensure you have all keys in your possession

  • You can check how many keys are programmed to your car via the MMI system
    download this PDF to learn how
  • Some vehicles come with a plastic emergency key which are sometimes not passed on when a vehicle changes ownership
  • Where applicable ensure that your plastic emergency key is kept safe and away from the vehicle download this PDF to learn more about the functions of Audi keys
  • If you cannot account for all keys we would recommend the remaining keys be reprogrammed at an Audi Centre (for which there will be a charge)

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