360⁰ camera
Wide-angle lenses cover the close range around the vehicle. The driver can choose between different image representations in the MMI display, including a live ‘bird’s-eye view’ image for parking. Includes guidelines which help the driver manoeuvre and navigate the vehicle into the right position

Audi Pre-sense Basic & Rear
The system uses additional radar sensors to detect possible collisions. Hazard warning lights are activated; front seat belts are tensioned; windows are closed and, if fitted, the panoramic glass sunroof is also closed.

Park Assist with Parking Aid Plus
When activated via the centre console the system searches for suitable parking spaces along the road by means of ultrasonic sensors and calculates the ideal parking path using several parking moves. The vehicle then takes over and performs the steering, whilst the driver controls the acceleration, gears and braking. The 360° display warns the driver of any obstacles in front, behind and to the side of the vehicle (depending on the steering angle).

Exit Warning
When the vehicle is stationary, the exit warning can detect vehicles and cyclists approaching from the rear and, if necessary, warn occupants before opening their door through a flashing warning LED in the appropriate door.

Rear Cross Traffic Assist
The system helps the driver when reversing out of bay parking spaces by notifying them of detected approaching vehicles in the MMI display. In recognised critical situations, the system can warn the driver using a warning tone and, if necessary, give a brief jolt of the brakes.

Lane Change Assist
The system assists the driver when changing lanes using 2 radar sensors to identify the distance and speed in which other identified vehicles are approaching your vehicle from behind. When the lane change warning identifies that the speed difference and distance is critical for a lane change manoeuvre, the driver is alerted by a display in the relevant exterior mirror.


Parking Assist with Parking System Plus