Audi Pre-sense Basic
Audi pre-sense is a comprehensive technical package for identifying dangers well in advance and intervening appropriately to provide extra protection. Where necessary, actions are taken to protect the driver and passengers from a potential collision. These include: belt tightening, activating the hazard warning system, closing the windows and the sunroof (if fitted).

Audi Pre-sense Rear
Monitors vehicles following from behind and if a potential collision is detected, the driver is first warned visually via flashing light, then Audi Pre sense Basic measures (e.g. closing windows) are initiated and then if a collision is unavoidable, the system will tighten the front seat belts. The system is deactivated when towing.

360⁰ camera
Wide-angle lenses cover the close range around the vehicle. The driver can choose between different image representations in the MMI display, including a live ‘bird’s-eye view’ image for parking. Includes guidelines which help the driver manoeuvre and navigate the vehicle into the right position.

Audi Side Assist
Aids the driver when changing lane. Audi side assist monitors the area behind the vehicle, using ‭radar sensors located discreetly in the rear bumper, informing the driver with a visual warning signal in the door mirror if there is a vehicle in ‭their blind spot or approaching quickly from behind.

Park assist
Searches for suitable parking spaces along the road by means of ultrasonic sensors, calculates the ideal parking path and performs the steering action virtually automatically. The system can support the driver with:
  • Parallel parking in reverse
  • Exiting a parallel parking space, driving forwards
  • Bay parking, both reverse and forwards. Steering is done by the vehicle, with the driver responsible for acceleration and application of the brakes

Cross-traffic Assist Rear
Warns the driver of traffic crossing behind their own vehicle when reversing. The system alerts the driver first visually and then acoustically via the MMI, and then applies the brakes if a potential collision is detected.

Exit Warning
Monitors the rear and side of your stationary vehicle and warns the occupants via a warning light on the door before they exit that vehicles/cyclists ‭are approaching from behind.

Parking Assist with Parking System Plus