Specification in addition or replacement to RS 6 Carbon Black

  • Alloy wheels 10.5J x 22 - titanium matt gloss turned finish                                  
Performance and suspension                
  • RS-sports suspension Plus with Dynamic Ride Control (DRC )                
  • Top speed increased to 280 km/h (174mph) *                                 
  • Gloss black styling package - front spoiler, front side flaps, side sill inserts, rear diffuser insert, trim strips on the side windows in gloss black, roof rails in matt black and Audi rings in gloss black
  • Black Mirror Housings
  • Panoramic glass sunroof
  • Exterior mirrors, electrically adjustable, heated and folding, and automatically dimming
  • Rear sports exhaust system - black                              
  • Heated front and rear seats  
Interior inlays                
  • Inlays in Natural Gray Brown Fine Grain Ash                                  
Interior equipment                
  • Power door closure                              
Audi and Communication
  • Audi Music Interface in the rear – 2 USB ports with charge and data functions and 2 additional ports in the front
  • Bang & Olufsen Sound reproduction via 16 loudspeakers, including 3D sound speakers, centre speaker and subwoofer 16-channel amplifer with a total output of 730 watts Spatial sound reproduction thanks to the 3D sound feature for the front seats. This is generated by additional full-range loudspeakers in the A-piller, the mid-range speakers, and the Fraunhofer Symphoria® technology. The 3D sound can be generated from all sources. This creates an exceptionally authentic 3D surround experience, giving occupants a first-row concert all experience
Driver assistance
  • Head-up display
  • Tour Pack
    • Adaptive Cruise Assist Supports the driver when accelerating, braking, maintaining distances, and with steering in the range of 0–155mph.* Within the system limits, the system detects the lane markings, structures next to the road, vehicles in adjacent lanes and multiple vehicles ahead. The system can be adjusted in single and 6mph increments between 19mph and 155mph.* The system will keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane and maintain speed and distance, or adjust the speed to the situation. This is all made possible by the radar sensor, front camera and ultrasonic sensors that permanently monitor the vehicle surroundings. Using information such as speed restrictions, the MMI Navigation Plus with MMI Touch uses the data from the predictive efficiency assistant to control speed even when there are no vehicles ahead, encouraging economical driving.
    • Camera-based traffic sign recognition Speed limit and traffic sign display via the Driver’s Information System (DIS) detects speed limits (including temporary limits) and overtaking restrictions. Within system limits, driving conditions are also displayed when driving in wet conditions. Up to 3 traffic signs can be displayed in the Audi Virtual Cockpit at any one time
    • Audi Pre-sense Basic Where necessary, actions are taken to help protect the driver and passengers if a potential collision is detected. Includes the following:
      • Seat belt tightening for front and rear
      • Closing the windows
      • Closing the sunroof (if fitted)
  • City Assist Pack
    • Audi Side Assist When activated, the system aids the driver when changing lanes. Audi Side Assist monitors the area behind the vehicle, using radar sensors located discreetly in the rear bumper, informing the driver with a visual warning signal in the door mirror if there is a vehicle in their blind spot or approaching quickly from behind.
    • Pre-sense Rear Monitors vehicles following from behind, and if a potential collision is detected, the driver is first warned visually via a flashing light.
    • Audi Pre-sense Basic measures (e.g. closing windows) are initiated and then if a collision is unavoidable, the system will tighten the front seat belts. The system is deactivated when towing.
    • Cross Traffic Assist Front Within system limits, warns the driver of traffic crossing in front or to the side of the vehicle, using vehicle sensors. The system first alerts the driver visually and then acoustically via the MMI. A brake jolt is applied if a potential collision is detected. The system can also assist the driver at crossings and exits with poor visibility, and warn against a possible collision with oncoming traffic detected from the side
  • 360° camera - wide-angle lenses cover the close-range area around the vehicle. The driver can choose between different image representations in the touch screen, including a live ‘bird’s-eye view’, a view of the front and rear wheels, front camera view or panoramic front and rear view. The 360° camera is activated when reverse gear is selected or via a button on the virtual switch panel
  • Park Assistant plus when activated the system searches for suitable parking spaces along the road by means of ultrasonic sensors and calculates the ideal parking path. The vehicle then takes over and performs the steering, acceleration and braking automatically. The system can support the driver with:
    • Parallel parking in reverse and forwards
    • Exiting a parallel parking space, driving forwards
    • Bay parking, both in reverse and forwards        
* Where the law permits.