Cross traffic assist front
▪ In complex intersection situations, intersection assist can warn the driver of approaching cross traffic. The system monitors the area in front of and at the side of the vehicle on intersections and exit roads using the sensors built into the vehicle. Within system limits, the system detects approaching moving objects such as cars. The system can also assist the driver at intersections and exit roads with poor visibility and provide a warning of a potential collision with approaching cross traffic.
▪ A multi-stage warning concept is initiated in situations deemed critical. First, a visual and acoustic warning is provided. If the driver fails to react, a warning brake jolt follows. The system operates at speeds up to 30 km/h, brake jolts are performed up to 10 km/h. The intersection assist uses radar sensors fitted in the corners of the front apron. If available, the information from the cameras for the 360° display and the laser scanner is also used.

Audi pre sense rear

▪ Audi pre sense rear uses data from the radar sensors in the rear of the vehicle and calculates, within system limits, the probability of a rear-end collision with the vehicle behind.      
▪ Where the risk of a collision with the vehicle behind is detected, preventive protection measures are initiated: tensioning of the front seat belts and, in conjunction with the safety package plus, the outer rear seat belts, optimisation of the seat position, closing of the windows and panoramic glass sunroof (if ordered) and flashing of the hazard warning
lights at high frequency to warn other road users. The function also enhances seat belt comfort.

Lane change warning with exit warning and cross traffic assist rear
▪ Lane change warning helps the driver monitor the blind spot and traffic behind the vehicle. Here, 2 additional radar sensors installed on the rear record vehicles approaching from behind at the side or vehicles alongside and measure the distance as well as the difference in speed. In the event of a situation deemed critical for a lane change, the system warns the driver by means of LED displays in the relevant exterior mirror. If the driver starts to change lanes by activating the indicator in a situation deemed critical by the system, the warning LEDs flash brightly multiple times. In conjunction with the lane departure warning, corrective steering intervention is initiated in critical situations. Within system limits, the system can also alert the driver to hazardous objects when turning.

▪ Exit warning alerts occupants when opening a door while the vehicle is stationary of a possible collision with traffic approaching from the rear. Within system limits, the system uses the radar sensors to monitor vehicles to the rear and side. The system detects moving objects, e.g. cars, that are approaching from behind.
▪ If the door handle has been pulled and an approaching road user has been deemed critical, the warning strip in the door and the LED display on the exterior mirror light up on the affected side. At the same time, the door opening is briefly delayed.

Audi side assist