Specification in addition or replacement to TT RS Audi Sport Edition

20” x 9J Audi Sport cast aluminum wheels in 5-arm cutter design in gloss anthracite black, gloss turned finish with 255/30 R20 tyres              
Performance and suspension              
Audi Magnetic Ride:
  • Audi Magnetic Ride continuously adapts the suspension damping to the changing driving situation
  • It does this automatically and in just a fraction of a second by means of an electronically controlled magnetic field          
  • Matrix LED headlights - The Audi Matrix LED technology combines a camera system with LED light sources and precision optics for highly adaptive light distribution.When other road users are detected, the system selectively blocks the area of the detected vehicle only, while the high beam remains active in the other segments. Maximum illumination is therefore available at all times, within system limits. Switching between the different light distributions and the control when oncoming vehicles are passing are visible as dynamic processes in the headlight and are configured to provide optimum lighting comfort for the driver.

In addition to Audi Matrix LED functionality, the headlights have the following functions: Daytime running lights, low beam, position light, indicators, turning light (additional side illumination on tight curves and when turning), all-weather light (to reduce glare for driver in poor visibility), manoeuvring light (illumination of pivot range when reversing) motorway beam (extended headlight range from a speed of 68 mph), and automatic dynamic headlight range control.
The LEDs of the Audi Matrix LED headlights also perform the dynamic cornering light function. With navigation-based vehicle support, it responds just before the driver turns the wheel.

With headlight cleaning system      
  • Matrix OLED rear lights is a innovative lighting technology with a high-quality 3D design. Rear light and braking functions are handled by 4 extremely thin OLED units that emit homogeneous and high contrast illumination. When the car is locked or unlocked the rear lights display a unique lighting sequence. LED technology is used in combination with OLED technology for the rear and brake lights, and LED technology is used in the reversing lights and the dynamic rear sweeping indicators.              
Electrically adjustable front seats with pneumatic backrest side bolster adjustment              
Interior equipment              
Headroom heating (roadster only)              
Audio & Communication              
  • Bang & Olufsen Sound System (Comfort & Sound Pack):Features 12 high-performance speakers and a 14-channel amplifier with a total power of 680 watts. The system is equipped with VNC (Vehicle Noise Compensation), which, through the on-board microphone detects the sound reproduced and compensates for external and internal noise. 5.1 surround sound is possible when combined with Technology Pack              
Driver assistance***              
  • Tire Pressure monitoring system              
  • Audi side assist:
  Increased safety thanks to monitoring of the blind spot:
  - Working within the system limits, it functions above 19mph using radar sensors to monitor the areas to the side and behind the vehicle
  - It then informs the driver with a visual warning signal in the door mirror if there is a vehicle in their blind spot or approaching quickly from behind
  - The system is activated using the MMI car settings              
  • Camera-based traffic sign recognition:
   The camera-based recognition of traffic signs enables the current statutory speed limit to be conveniently displayed in the Audi Virtual Cockpit. Should the camera fail to see a sign properly, the speed limit from the data for the navigation system will be shown instead. Some advantages of this system are:
  - Current detected speed limits, including additional signs, are displayed at all times in the Audi Virtual Cockpit
  - In addition, speed limits are evaluated according to the situation if the road surface is wet or at certain times of d
  - Within system limits, the camera-based system also recognises temporary speed restrictions at roadworks and on digital signs (e.g. overhead signs on motorways)              
  • Rear-view camera:
Gives a camera image of the area behind the vehicle shown in the Audi Virtual Cockpit, with dynamic display modes highlighting the calculated path (steer-angle dependent).              
Safety & Security              
  • Advanced Key:

Access and authorisation system which automatically exchanges data between key and vehicle, allowing the driver to keep the key in their pocket or bag at all times. To unlock and open, simply lift the exterior door handle. To lock, press the button on the handle              

*Audi Smartphone Interface uses Apple CarPlay, which is available with iPhone 5 and above, or Android Auto, which is available with phones using Android 5.0 Lollipop or above and requires the download of the Android Auto app. Availability of applications differs by operating system and is dependent on approval by Apple or Google. An up-to-date list of approved apps is available on the relevant systems’ websites. Permanent availability cannot be guaranteed as this is the responsibility of Apple and Google. Use of certain apps with Smartphone Interface will be subject to signal availability of the mobile network in your location and in-car usage may increase your mobile data usage. If using regularly, a mobile phone contract including an unlimited or high amount of data is recommended.
**For mobile phone and software version compatibility, please visit your Audi Centre or www.audi.co.uk/phonecompatibility.
***Vehicle driver assistance and safety systems are not a substitute for attentive driving. Drivers retain full responsibility for providing the necessary inputs for safe control of the vehicle. System descriptions within this pricelist are provided for information purposes only. System limitations and operational requirements apply. See manual for details.
****Terms and condition apply, please see www.audi.co.uk/connectterms
****Where the law permits