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Audi Connect Terms and Conditions

TT & R8 Connect Infotainment Services

An external data source is required to enable the Audi Connect Online Infotainment Services (“Infotainment Services”).

One of two can be used:

• a separate SIM card with data option (which can be inserted into the vehicle SIM card reader). If 4G usage is required the SIM card will also need a 4G option. When a separate SIM card is used, hands-free phone calls are possible by connecting a different mobile telephone via Bluetooth hands-free profile. For mobile phone and software compatibility please visit or your local Audi Centre; or
• on capable mobile phones the phone’s data connection can be shared with the vehicle via personal hotspot/tethering, although using this method may result in high consumption of your mobile phone battery.

Infotainment Services will only be available within the coverage of your mobile phone network and there may be additional costs for the use of Connect Services (charges and billing correspond to your personal mobile phone contract or SIM card contract). Due to high data volumes, a mobile phone contract including an unlimited or high usage data plan is strongly recommended.

The Infotainment Services enable access to certain search, social media and other online services provided by third parties. Features vary by model. Permanent availability cannot be guaranteed, as this is the responsibility of the relevant third party provider. Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

You may not use the Connect Services for any purpose other than the provision or receipt of services in accordance with these terms.

Some services require additional activation steps. In order to enjoy such services customers must register, accept the terms and conditions and follow the activation steps instructed on myAudi (please visit

Some services also require the download of the myAudi app on a compatible phone or tablet (always check latest phone and software compatibility).

A 36 month subscription is standard on some models or available within some optional packs (please refer to your model pricelist). The subscription is activated from the point of vehicle registration. Should you wish to continue to use the Connect Services after your subscription has expired, please consult your local Audi Centre for details (including the latest subscription fees). Charges will apply upon renewal. The Infotainment Services listed are correct at the time of publication, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee permanent availability of all these services throughout your subscription.